Bullying: A Great Threat in Disguise

Bullying: A Great Threat in Disguise

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Regular classes have started at universities. I can see many bright faces with lot of dreams but for some, those dreams will be shattered if they are being bullied by their friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, social circle. It can happen at School, University, at work.


Bullying is a great threat to our personality development.


A person can be bullied about his/her presence, family, etiquettes, studies, achievement, culture, gender, disability, race, caste, religion and many more factors. It can be serious short-term or long term emotional and social consequences but will always stick to our conscious. Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Bullying can happen anywhere, at school, at home, at work, in online social spaces, via text messaging or via email.

Who are the ones who Bully others?

We can’t blame the victim at any chance. I know many examples of such person who were accused of bullying others but it was not their fault directly. Either it was due to the disturbed childhood where parents were constantly fighting or at some instance they were not appreciated for the achievements. They remained underdogs, may be they were called under-performers in the eyes of their parents. They were constantly compared with their siblings and in frustration, these poor children target others who fell easy prey to their activities. Sometimes people unintentionally bully others just for fun without thinking of the consequences. Very often, they bully others to take revenge of their past but I just wonder why don’t they understand that they are still doing the same which was done to them long back.

How bullying affect people

Bullying has a great effect on the mind of the victim. He/She feel isolation, depression, anger and a sense of jealousy towards other friends who were not bullied. They lack self-esteem, confidence and are always in a state of embarrassment or depression which will further affect their academic achievements. They start losing trust and love in the relationships and are always lost in their own world. It will have negative impacts on the relationships with their kids, siblings, husband-wife relationship, and Boss-employer relationship. The fatal point will be some may experience suicidal tendency. They want to end up with their so called useless life.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is another serious form of bullying which is penetrating in our life. Kids fell an easy prey to such stuff.

Best ways to avoid Bullying

Ask for help from those persons whom you trust- friends, family and teachers – about what is happening

to you and to discuss with them some ways of dealing with the problem.

 Avoid the person who tries to bully you.

 Stay with others who are your true friends

 Have a positive attitude and thing it to be a bad nightmare.

 Enjoy your life-it’s the utmost important thing to you.

Know Your Rights

Remember all are born-free and hence got the right to live his/her life on his/her own conditions. Everyone has the right to live, work, study and play in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. No one deserves or asks to be bullied. You have a right to feel safe and to be treated fairly and respectfully.


The Australian Human Rights Commission (1300 656 419) has a complaint handling service that may investigate complaints of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

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