Volunteering Opportunity for International Students: LEAD Employment Advocates

Volunteering Opportunity for International Students: LEAD Employment Advocates

CISA has partnered with United Voice – the union for hospitality, cleaning workers and other industries – to train international student leaders In understanding their employment rights.

THE LEAD – EMPLOYMENT ADVOCATES Project will train up to 40 international students to be Workplace Champions/Employment Advocates. The training will be specifically and uniquely designed to develop knowledge and understanding of workplace rights and employment law in Australia.


  • Raise international student awareness in relation to exploitation, employment law and workers rights through these Peer=Peer activities.
  • Inform students regarding basic rights, provide them with materials/resources and encourage students with employment grievances to speak up, ensuring they are linked with organisations that can advise or take on case work referrals.

Post training:

  • Inform other international students by designing and delivering (in groups) a Peer=Peer activity to raise awareness of employment rights and to refer any students seeking to raise individual grievances for case work.
  • Advocates will be networked so they can refer specific cases of exploitation for advice and resolution. The Peer=Peer activities will be developed by the Advocates during the training.

Timeframe: 5 days of training

Venue: United Voice Victoria, 117 Capel St North Melbourne.
Hours: 10 am to 3 pm

The first course is scheduled for:

1st part (Training): Wednesday 17 to Friday 20 January 2017

2nd part (Planning peer to peer activities): Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 January 2017

Students simply need to complete the Expression of Interest Form and the Project Manager, will call you to talk/answer questions.

This is a great opportunity for international students- both for personal development and to work together to build awareness on the exploitation of international students by some Victorian employers.






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