CISA Conference 2017

Students At The Heart of Best Practices

Council of International Students Australia (CISA) has held an annual national conference every year since 2010. The Conference provides an important opportunity for government bodies, stakeholders and students gather together and listen to each other, sharing inspirational and interesting opinions and goals. In recent years, the CISA’s National Conference has attracted over 200-250 delegates from all industries throughout Australia. Representatives from Legal Aid and other government departments, education agencies, students and others interested in international education have joined in the conversation.


The annual CISA conference brings together international student representatives from across Australia to share their voices and experience of studying in Australia.

It aims to help them find their voice, to challenge and shape their future, and through this to be effective advocates for a quality international student experience in Australia.


The conference also welcomes education, government and business representatives to engage with students and work with us to continue to improve international education and the student experience in Australia.

We also celebrate students, student associations, education institutions and government’s success and contribution to international education.


The 7th CISA National Conference will be held in Canberra, 3 – 6 July 2017. This year, our conference will engage in collaborative productive discussions on how we can engage the International Student Community on best practices. What is so special about having the conference in Canberra? Well, as the nation’s capital, we welcome conversations that can collaboratively find solutions to current international student issues between international student leaders, key stakeholders and the government. As the nation’s capital, Canberra is the powerhouse of the nation in science, research, education and business for the rest of Australia. Over 25 percent of the city’s population was born overseas and thousands of international students are welcome to Canberra every year. As the conference takes place in the winter, do not forget to dress warm as temperatures in July can reach 1 degree Celsius.

This year’s theme

This year’s conference theme is “Students at the Heart of Best Practices”. CISA has always been the organisation that bridges international students to our partners, sponsors, education providers, government and businesses. Therefore, as the conference is in the nation’s capital, we would like to continue the conversation of how we can collaborative create best practice standards for the issues that have arisen during our tenure. CISA encourages international students to attend and be part of the conversation to help Australia’s International student community move forward.

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