Co-Vice President and Women’s Officer Election- 2017

Election Result 


Message From Returning Officer – (Election Process Extended until September 22, 2017)


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General Information

CISA has received 2 application for the National Co-Vice President Office and the 4 applications for the National Women’s Office.

Unfortunately, 2 candidates for the role of National Women Office were disqualified since their COE did not meet the 6-month’s requirement to take up a leadership role at CISA.

CISA has 2 candidates each for the Office of National Co-Vice President and National Women’s Office.

The candidates are;

National Co-Vice President

  1. Poorinma Wickramanyake
  2. Teesta Prakash

National Women’s Officer

  1. Forough Ataollahi
  2. Zainab Awan

The letter of expression of interest of candidates will be attached to the platform where the election would be held. It is advised to see the profile of each candidate, before casting the votes.

The election will be conducted via Survey Monkey where the members would have to click on the “Begin the Survey” button to vote (it is a one-time link). Members with multiple voting rights, would get as many of the link as per their votes.

The mail with the link will be sent to the members on 30th of August 2017 and the election will close on 13th of September 11.59 AEST.


Profile of our Returning Officer

Ms Jennifer Walsh has been chosen as the returning officer for this election by CISA. She is the Housing and Accommodation Manager at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, and also the Vice President of ISANA VIC/TAS.

She works closely with external partners to ensure high standards of international student safety, security and well-being within a range of approved accommodation options. To know more about her visit her profile on Linkedin

Contact the returning officer via email at if you have any queries.