Faith and Religion

Australia does not have an official religion. A large percentage of the population identify with being Christian but there is a diverse group of people that are also part of the Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish communities. Our volunteers have some tips and tricks that you can use to practice your faith or religion in Australia.

1. Join a Club or Society on Campus

Many mainstream religions have clubs and societies on campus. It is a great way to meet like-minded people that also practice the same religion as you. Also, many institutions have multi-faith chapels which include a prayer room and other amenities for students to practice their faith in.

2. Alert Instructor of Any Religious Observances

Another suggestion would be if you have any religious observances, make sure you alert your instructor to make alternate arrangements at the beginning of the course. For example, if your exam week falls under a religious holiday, you can make alternate arrangements to accommodate your schedule.

3. Search for Religious Centres Online

Still having trouble finding a religious centre to practice your faith or religion? Some of our volunteers have found great communities for their faith or religions by searching for local communities online. One of our volunteers even used Google Map to find their church.