Family and Dependents

Many of our volunteers have brought over their families with them as they study in Australia. It takes a lot of planning but can be very successful and a great experience for anyone interested in experiencing a new country.

Bringing Family to Australia

We have collected some useful links to read about bringing your family to Australia. However, please remember to check with your institution on any information they can provide you about bringing your family.

Useful Links

Study in Australia general page on bringing children to Australia.


A Guide to Bringing Your Family to Australia: A quick guide developed by the University of New South Wales.


Students with family – issues to consider: A page with links from the University of Melbourne.


The Council of International Students Australia (CISA) represents institutions that are at the ELICOS, Foundations, VET, TAFE, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate levels. Therefore, we do not represent students that are currently in Homestay or under 18. There are a few cases where students are under 18 in our members’ institution. Please contact the various homestay programs across Australia to get more information on Homestay.