Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Being an international student studying in Australia can be quite stressful. It is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. Here are a few tips to reducing your stress while you are studying.

  1. Find an activity or exercise at a gym! Examples include taking regular walks in your neighborhood, joining a boot camp or joining a non-competitive community sports team.
  2. Eat healthy! Check out a great resource.
  3.  Learn Mindfulness. Learning how to meditate can be hard to do by yourself. But there are some great apps that have guided meditation tracks. Find a list of popular ones here.
  4. Charge your electronic devices away from your bed!
  5. Listen to music!
  6. Call your friends and family from your home country!
  7. Take some time to clean your room!
  8. Take a long shower or bath!
  9. Watch a new film or television show!
  10. Buy a plant!

Your institution might have other information how to deal with stress. 

It is okay to be sad sometimes, however, sometimes we need extra help to get back on our feet! Don’t just ignore it! If stress gets too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to get extra help. Sometimes talking to a professional is the only way you are able to feel better.

If you ever feel like you are going to hurt yourself, call “000” right away or head to emergency.

Suicide Call Back: 1 300 659 467

Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling and Crisis Support Chat: 13 11 14

Mensline Australia: 1 300 78 99 78

Beyondblue Support Services: 1 300 224 636


Mental Health Crisis Numbers (unless otherwise noted, they are 24/7)

ACT: Mental Health Triage Service, 1 800 629 354 or 02 6205 1065

NSW: Ring nearest hospital or the Mental Health Line at 1 800 011 511

NT: Northern Territory Mental Health Service at 1 800 682 288

QLD: Call the nearest hospital, Emergency Service 000 or Lifeline 1 800 682 288

SA: Mental Health Triage Service 13 14 65

TAS: Mental Health Services Helpline 1 800 332 388 (9 am – 11 pm) or nearest hospital

VIC: SuicideLine 1 300 651 251 or ring nearest hospital for closest crisis team

WA: In Perth, call the Mental Health Emergency Response Team at 08 9224 8888; elsewhere call RuralLink at 1 800 552 002