Academic Appeals and Plagiarism


Plagiarism might not be as big of an issue in your home country but in Australia, it is very important to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Often, plagiarism occurs when we run out of time to do an assignment or other personal or family pressures to do well.

No matter the reason, it is important to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Talk to your institution to understand what the proper referencing techniques are. Whenever you are unsure of plagiarism, talk to your instructor or tutor and they will be able to clarify it. Your institution should supply you with the policy of what they consist plagiarism is. If you are unable to find it or need some assistance, please feel free to contact us at

Academic Appeals

You have the right at your institution to file for an academic appeal if you feel you have been wrongly accused (such as plagiarism) or graded incorrectly. Your institution should have a policy how to file for an academic appeal.

According to the 2007 ESOS National Code, your institution must:

  • Ensure complaints and appeals policy are easily accessible
  • Keep written records of complaints
  • Acknowledge promptly, and keep students advised of progress
  • Allow students to have support person or representative
  • Provide students with a written statement of the outcome, including details of the reasons for the outcome.

If you need our assistance or would like some peer support during the process, please check out our how to report page.