Community Legal Centres

CISA works with many community legal centres across Australia. Here is a list of the ones that we currently work with that specialise in International Student Issues.

Victoria – Study MelbourneStudy Melbourne Student Centre (SMSC) is a ‘one stop shop’ where international students in Victoria access a range of free support, information and welfare services.

New South Wales – Redfern Legal Centre International Students Legal Advice – International students in NSW can get advice about housing problems, fines, debts, car accidents, employment, discrimination, family law, domestic violence, and complaints about colleges and universities. They can also advise how these problems affect students visas.

Western Australia – The International Education Conciliator in WA – They attempt to resolve disputes between international students and their education institutions through conciliation. mediation and dispute resolution process.

South Australia- The Training Advocate in South Australia – If you are an international student in South Australia, the Office of the Training Advocate can provide you with independent advice or guidance about all aspects of living, working or studying in South Australia.

Queensland: Caxton Legal Centre inc – Caxton Legal centre runs a consumer law service. You can get advice about debts, consumer credit or problems with service providers including your education service provider.