Vision & Mission


To be recognised as a holistic voice for international students in Australia by the local, national and international community.


  • Advocate for the interests and needs of international students;
  • Advocate for high quality education for international students;
  • Facilitate network building among stakeholders with an interest in supporting international students;
  • Host an annual national forum for international students;
  • Provide a means of consulting and engaging with international students;
  • Host future international student roundtable events in partnership with various government entities;
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and interactions in Australia; Advocate for non-racial, non-discriminatory law reform concerning international students.


As Individual

Our Work Matters


We are inspired by our work and are committed to our organisation and our members, because we have a strong believe in what we do. It is our passion for our work and life that shapes our culture.


Our work drives our organisation forward. We seek opportunities to make a difference every day, creating impact on people around us, the international student community in Australia.


We are a role model for international students as part of our journey being an international student in Australia, having living on a foreign land independently by ourselves. We work in an autonomy space while maintain strong coordination and communication with team members.

As Team

Winning as One


We unlock new opportunities and explore ways to move the organisation forward. We nurture and inspire fresh ideas from the team consist of diverse international student representatives of all backgrounds. We find solutions to complex problems and take willingness to embrace change.


We acknowledge the responsibility for actions, policies and decisions to assist in improving the internal standard of the team, ensuring growth and sustainability with the organisation.


We work together to reach our goals. We share knowledge and create connections across the team. We believe in supporting each other within the team and share information to ensure the best knowledge is shared across the team, contributing to the organisation as a whole.

As Community

An Endless Opportunity


We encourage ownership taking and drive what matters to you. We believe in leaders of our own and being a change agent to improve the life of international students in Australia.


We cultivate the attitude of hope and believe in an endless opportunity for international students within and beyond Australia and their home country. We do that by acknowledging role models and good examples of individuals, giving credit to the achievements of our leaders of the past and present.


We are part of the diverse minds and ideas. We are a community of diverse cultures, religions, beliefs, values, age, languages and country of origins. We embrace international viewpoints that encourage us to challenge the way we work.